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Discover the TMJ Relax® Orthopedic Oral Appliance

👍Increase fulfillment by changing lives

👍Reduce strain on your neck and back

👍Free yourself from insurance minutia

See if your practice is a GOOD fit to be a TMJ Relax® provider.

There has never been a better time to enhance your practice.

Studies show unhappiness of dentists is 3x more than 20 years ago1, 2

Does it need to be that way?

We believe functional dentistry is fulfulling dentistry

TMJ Relax® is an orthopedic oral appliance delivered by dentists that is FDA cleared for the treatment of headaches, muscle tension, and bruxism associated with temporomandibular joint disorder.

TMJ Relax® dentists take the bite in a disoccluded position to allow for an optimized mandibular position when worn.

Better Position, Better Treatment

Become a TMJ Relax® Provider in 3 Steps

1. Get Trained

Take the TMJ Education Masterclass to learn all the knowledge to succeed.

2. Get Situated

Start helping patients with the TMJ Relax® orthopedic oral appliance. 

3. Change Lives

As you become comfortable, receive new patient leads from our waitlist.



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